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2024’s highest-paying jobs and how to apply for them

2024's highest-paying jobs and how to apply for them

While there are other factors to take into account while trying to enhance your career prospects, knowing which jobs pay the highest salaries and how to obtain them can help you plan your professional path. Medical vocations rank well, as one might anticipate, but they are by no means the only industry with well-paying positions.

Though they come from a range of sectors and industries, the highest paying jobs we’ve chosen all require a strong sense of passion for their work. Ultimately, having a passion in the subject is the best approach to land well-paying work.

Software Developer 

software developer

What is a software developer?

A software engineer or developer uses mathematical and scientific ideas to build the kinds of incredible technologies that we utilize on a daily basis. Your days as a software developer will be devoted to creating programs, debugging complex issues, and writing code. You might find work in a variety of sectors, including IT, banking, construction, and many more.

How do you become a software developer?

Software engineers are among the highest paid positions on our list and are in high demand, with a projected 25.6% increase in employment between 2018 and 2028. Many people who work as software developers start out with degrees in computer science, information technology, or computing. They can also obtain practical experience through internships.

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How much do software developers make? 

$150,000 in AUD, $85,000 in UK, and

Examine courses in software development.

Become proficient in programming or learn to code, and start down the path to becoming a software developer.



What is a dentist?

A dentist is in charge of their patients’ oral health, which includes everything from routine checkups to extensive surgery. Dentists have a wide range of specialization options, from surgery to teeth straightening.

How do you become a dentist?

Although becoming a dentist is a lengthy procedure, the benefits are clear. The first step is often a five-year undergraduate dentistry degree, which is followed by postgraduate training (dental school in the US) and the acquisition of necessary credentials from dental regulatory organizations.

How much do dentists make?

£130,000, $159,000, and AUD $240,000

Learn about dentistry

With the help of this University of Sheffield online course, learn about dentistry and how to become a dentist.


What is a psychiatrist?

A physician who specializes in treating mental health issues is known as a psychiatrist. They differ from other mental health providers, such psychologists, in that they are licensed medical practitioners with the authority to prescribe drugs. Typically, psychiatrists focus on one specialty, such as intellectual impairments, general adult, or child and adolescent.

How do you become a psychiatrist? 

A substantial amount of training is necessary to become a fully qualified psychiatrist. A medical undergraduate degree is required, though requirements vary by nation after that. After two years of medical foundation study, you would then complete six years of psychiatry-specific training in the UK, for instance. In the United States, four years of medical school are required after completing an undergraduate degree.

How much do psychiatrists make?

AUD 330,000 / £180,000 / $220,000

An overview of the development, applications, and history of mental diagnosis.

courses in medicine and healthcare

Getting certified as a doctor is the first step towards becoming a psychiatrist. Find a variety of online courses to help you start or progress in your medical career.



What is a pharmacist?

Professionals with medical training, pharmacists specialize in dispensing medications to patients and other healthcare providers. They are qualified to dispense medication and have extensive knowledge of drugs and how they affect the body. They can also offer advice on appropriate prescriptions and treatments.

How do you become a pharmacist? 

To work as a pharmacist in the UK, you must have a master’s degree in pharmacy (MPharm), which typically takes four years to complete. It follows a similar path in the US, where a four-year PharmD degree is necessary.In Australia, you can choose between a two-year post-graduate Masters of Pharmacy program and a four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy program.

How much do pharmacists make?

£100,000 / AUD 190,000 / $125,000

courses in pharmacy

With the help of our assortment of online pharmacy courses, learn about the pharmacy industry and how to pursue a career in pharmacy.


What is a geologist?

Geologists research the earth’s composition and processes. Their goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how our world functions, and they apply what they discover to a range of fields and businesses. Geologists work in government organizations, academia, engineering, oil and gas, and mining and quarrying. Usually, they can anticipate a combination of lab time, desk research, and field work.

How do you become a geologist? 

An undergraduate degree in geology or a closely related discipline is normally required to work as a geologist (or geoscientist). Postgraduate work in a particular area of geology, such as environmental geoscience, pollution management, or seismology, frequently comes next.

How much do geologists make?

$140,000 AUD, $75,000 UK, and $92,000

Consider taking a geology introductory course.

Begin your journey into the field of geology. Learn how to use materials sustainably and where they originate from for commonplace items.


What is a lawyer?

A person who is authorized to practice law and provide legal advice is called a lawyer, sometimes known as an attorney or counsel. There are two categories of lawyers: solicitors and barristers. The profession’s roots can be found in ancient Greece, when accomplished speakers would appear in court to defend their friends and customers.

These days, a modern function involves handling complex litigation, obtaining evidence, and prosecuting or defending clients. The main responsibility of an attorney is to defend the rights of their clients while upholding the law.

How do you become a lawyer? 

The conventional path to becoming a lawyer usually involves obtaining an undergraduate degree (in the UK/Australia, this should be an LLB degree), or if your degree was unrelated to law, a law conversion course followed by law school (in the US), or an apprenticeship in a firm that specializes in your chosen field, such as barristers or solicitors.

How much do lawyers make?

AUD $180,000 / £100,000 / $120,000

Examine legal education options.

Law is a broad field that encompasses many different specialties. With the help of our online law courses from prestigious universities around the globe, you may better comprehend legal areas and procedures.



What is a surgeon?

Surgeons carry out operations and other medical procedures on patients. Surgeons primarily carry out specific operating procedures, but also carry out ward rounds and a range of other administrative duties. Some surgeons choose to specialise in a single area, such as brain surgery or heart surgery.

How to become a surgeon? 

Similar to psychiatrists, before beginning their surgical training, surgeons must first obtain medical qualification. After that, you typically complete several years of surgical training in a hospital. If you want to specialize in a particular field, you can then pursue additional training.

How much do surgeons make?

$208,000, £170,000, or $315,00 AUS

Look through the medical education programs.

A medical degree is required as a prerequisite for becoming a surgeon. Start your path to this by enrolling in an online medical and healthcare course.

Finance Manager 

What is a finance manager?

Finance is one of the top paying professions, as one might anticipate. It is the responsibility of a finance manager to comprehend the financial well-being of an organization. Alternatively referred to as a finance manager or lead, they oversee and formulate investment plans, offer financial counsel, and assist in defining the organization’s long-term financial objectives.

How do you become a finance manager? 

A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or a business-related field is normally required to work as a finance manager. Additional training and accreditation in specialized fields, like accounting, typically come next. For instance, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) are two popular certification bodies in the UK.

How much do finance managers make?

£100,000 / AUD 190,000 / $127,990

Examine accounting and finance courses.

Take online courses in finance and accounting to improve your knowledge of important subjects like bookkeeping, money management, and financial forecasting.

Describe data analytics and explain why business uses it so heavily.

Describe data analytics and explain why business uses it so heavily.

The data industry in detail

Examine: in-depth the data industry