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Can one get a decent degree in business management? Five reasons to purchase one in 2024

Can one get a decent degree in business management

According to UCAS, one of the most sought-after degrees in the UK is in business management. The adaptability of this degree appeals to students, particularly those who are still unsure about their desired professional route. However, with so many different options available, how can you decide if a business management degree is the best fit for you? Let’s examine the advantages of studying business management and see whether this path is right for you.

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What is business management? 

According to UCAS, business management is one of the most sought-after degrees in the United Kingdom. The versatility of an all-purpose degree attracts students, particularly those who are still unsure of their chosen career path. However, how can you decide whether a business management degree is the correct choice for you when there is such a vast array of options? See if studying business management can benefit you by exploring its advantages.

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Is a business management degree worth it?

A business management degree is a desirable choice for employers. This extensive program produces managers with strong leadership and problem-solving abilities who are successful. In order to balance the interests of stakeholders and create enduring connections, this degree also teaches students how to adapt to shifting business trends and industry needs.

All industries can benefit from your business management degree, which gives you highly transferable abilities. A business management degree could be a fantastic option if you’re still not sure what job route you want to take.

Five reasons to get a business management degree 

1. Strong earning potential

Working-age graduates and postgraduates continue to have greater employment rates than non-graduates, according to Graduate Labour Market Statistics. Furthermore, in comparison to other fields, business management experts should anticipate a higher-than-average compensation.To learn more about the possible compensation for a business management degree, see our list of the Highest Paying Degrees.

Strong earning potential

Business management pay ranges can differ significantly based on a number of variables, including region, job role, industry, and organization. But generally speaking, graduates in business management are often well-paid, particularly if they pursue entrepreneurial endeavors or go up the corporate ladder.

In the UK, the average business management pay is £60,194, which is significantly more than the average wage of £38,000. Furthermore, when hiring new employees, businesses frequently request business management degrees; in fact, HR News ranks business degrees second on their list of the Top 20 most in-demand degrees in the UK.

2. Career flexibility

The flexibility it provides for job advancement is one of the main benefits of earning a degree in business management. A business management curriculum can equip students with a comprehensive knowledge base and adaptable skill set that they can use in a variety of industries and employment responsibilities, including leadership roles.

With a business management degree, you can leave your options open if you’re still not sure what field you want to work in or if you simply want the freedom to change careers later on. People with a business management degree continue to be a useful asset to a range of organizations since they can utilize their diversified skill set in a variety of industries.

Because they are essential for success in any sector or time period, business skills are seen as timeless. For professionals to excel in the workplace, these core competencies will always be necessary, regardless of how technology and the business environment change. Invest in timeless business abilities that can help you grow professionally and accomplish your goals in whatever economic or technological environment.

3. Practical skills 

Employers looking for workers who can thrive in dynamic situations will find business graduates to be significant assets due to the practical skills taught in business management. Graduates with a business management degree are flexible in a variety of settings, can anticipate needs, and can adjust to changing circumstances. These qualities are essential in today’s hectic work environment.

Practical skills 

Graduates of business management programs are equipped with these transferable skills and the theoretical knowledge they need to succeed in a wide range of professional environments and sectors.

Business management skills

  • Solving Problems
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Methodical Scheduling
  • Knowledge of Finances
  • Project Organizing
  • Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Skills in Time Management and Negotiation
  • Information Analysis

A degree in business management also looks at communication and leadership abilities. A firm needs effective leadership to succeed. These abilities encompass not only people management but also inspiring individuals to reach their objectives and rallying groups of people to collaborate on a shared business purpose.

4. Personal growth 

Studying in any capacity is a fantastic way to evaluate a person’s commitment to self-improvement and acquiring new abilities. Acquiring real-world business experience is beneficial for one’s career, but getting a business management degree can also help one grow personally. The demanding assignments and demanding curriculum can aid in the development of critical thinking, time management, and problem-solving abilities in students.

As you learn to handle changes in the business sector, studying business management can also help you become more resilient and adaptable. When dealing with difficulties or uncertainty in one’s personal life, these traits are beneficial. Participating in group projects and presentations with colleagues helps enhance communication and teamwork skills.

All things considered, a business management degree can support personal growth, self-actualization, and confidence in addition to assisting people in achieving their professional objectives.

5. Networking opportunities 

A crucial component of the business world is networking. Having a degree in business management can help you make connections with people who are powerful in your industry. This can be very helpful when attempting to network professionally and attract new customers.

networking opportunities 

Due to the fact that many jobs are filled through recommendations and personal relationships, networking can also result in worthwhile employment chances. According to a LinkedIn survey, the majority of people have been hired (73%), either because of a personal connection to someone at the company (70%), or because of an introduction or connection made by someone they know.

Benefits of a business management degree

Because the abilities in business management are applicable to so many different industries, having a degree in this field offers up a world of job choices. These are a few potential career routes for graduates in business management.

  • Management Consultant – average UK salary £71,859

Management consultants assist organizations in pinpointing areas in need of development and formulating plans to boost productivity and earnings. They must be exceptionally skilled in analysis and problem-solving, and they must be able to interact with stakeholders in an effective manner.

  • Business Analyst – average UK salary £59,153

Through data analysis and trend identification, business analysts assist organizations in optimizing their operations. They collaborate closely with management to create plans that boost productivity and earnings. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities are essential for business analysts.

  • Financial Analyst – average UK salary£52,128

The analysis of financial data and the provision of investment opportunity insights are the responsibilities of financial analysts. They collaborate closely with management to create plans that lower risk and boost profitability. Strong knowledge of investment goods and financial markets, coupled with exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities, are essential for financial analysts.

  • Operations Manager – average UK salary £52,629

The daily management of an organization’s operations falls within the purview of operations managers. They collaborate closely with management to create plans that cut expenses and boost productivity. Strong leadership and managerial abilities are essential for operations managers, as is a solid grasp of logistics and supply chain management.

  • Marketing Manager – average UK salary £47,137

Creating and executing marketing plans to advertise goods and services is the responsibility of marketing managers. They collaborate closely with sales teams to pinpoint target markets and create customer-friendly marketing. Marketing managers need to be highly skilled communicators and leaders with a solid grasp of consumer behavior and industry trends.

  • Human Resources Specialist – average UK salary £38,945

Hiring, training, and staffing are the responsibilities of human resources professionals. They oversee benefits plans and employee relations as well. Human resources professionals need to be highly skilled communicators and people-persons with a solid grasp of employment laws and regulations.

  • Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner – the sky’s the limit!

It is the responsibility of entrepreneurs and small business owners to launch and manage their own companies. In addition to being able to see market opportunities and create profitable plans, they must possess a solid grasp of business fundamentals. Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to possess strong leadership and management abilities in addition to self-motivation.

Why business management is a good degree

Choosing a degree in business management is highly recommended for several reasons. It offers a thorough overview of the business world, encompassing subjects like operations, marketing, and finance. This degree choice is flexible since the knowledge gained can be used to a wide range of sectors and career roles.

Employers highly value the strong communication, problem-solving, and leadership qualities that business management graduates frequently possess. Professionals in business management are in constant demand, with possibilities available in both the public and commercial sectors. Because of all these advantages, earning a degree in business management is worthwhile.

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