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The ten most interesting online courses to enroll in for summer

The ten most interesting online courses to enroll in for summer

This summer, are you looking to try something a little different? Perhaps we can help you find the ideal online course. While the main goals of summer are to enjoy the excellent weather (hopefully), spend time outside, and unwind, it’s also a fantastic time to try some new things.

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and experience the past in three dimensions, for example? Or perhaps you’ve always desired to pursue a career in photography? Almost anything is conceivable with the increasing variety and sophistication of online education.

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Additionally, research in education indicates that studying can enhance your social life and be beneficial to your mental health. This makes sense; you’ll be able to exchange ideas and engage in meaningful conversation with others more easily if you have something fresh to talk about. In case you’ve been fearing to strike up a conversation at summer gatherings, taking an online course could be the perfect solution.

Check out our list of the top 10 oddball online courses to enroll in for the summer below if you need some inspiration. Who said education couldn’t be enjoyable?

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Design by Bloomsbury Academic and Fairchild Books

Have you ever fantasized about creating your own line of clothing? Perhaps Bloomsbury Academic and Fairchild Books’ introductory course will help make those ambitions come true. You will study fashion history, find creative inspiration, and pick up the fundamentals of fashion design in a three-week program.

This course is an excellent way to get started in the world of fashion, regardless of your passion in drawing, designing textiles, or learning about sustainable materials. This may be the ideal opportunity to hone your creative skills even if you don’t plan to change careers.

2. How to Launch Your Own Food Product by the International Culinary Studio

This course is for you if you’ve ever cooked up something in the kitchen and wondered, “Wow, have I just invented a new flavor?” With the International Culinary Studio, you will learn how to develop and introduce your very own food product in just five weeks.

You will research potential customers, create prototypes, and create designs for your label, packaging, and brand. Take this course if you want to see your own distinctive food product on the stores.

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3. Seeing: How the Brain Creates the Visual World by National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

The saying “the eyes are the window to our soul” is often cited. But how precisely do they serve as our individual windows to the outside world? This fascinating seminar from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University will address any questions you may have about how humans see.

You will learn how our eyes and brains translate information into sensations over the course of four weeks. Additionally, you’ll discover how your senses affect how you perceive the outside world—seeing isn’t necessarily believing!

4. Rome: A Virtual Tour of the Ancient City by the University of Reading

Would you like a tour with a guide through one of the most remarkable ancient civilizations ever? Using a 3D computer model of the city, you will learn about Ancient Rome during this five-week course. Professor Matthew Nicholls, your knowledgeable course guide, talked to us about the value of virtual tours like this one.

“I hope that people can visualize the city as it may have appeared and make sense of the ruins that remain today,” he stated, referring to the intricate digital model at the center of the course. We have created interactive digital models that you can explore from various perspectives, zoom in for a closer look, and even “walk through” at ground level in addition to movies and images. This proactive investigation is beneficial.

Discover an old city with “high rise apartment blocks, fresh running water, fast food restaurants, and traffic regulations” but “very different attitudes to entertainment, religion, and government” by enrolling in the course now if you’re intrigued.

5. Protect the Protest: Using Our Rights to Freedom of Assembly and Expression by Amnesty International

Protests have always played a significant part in the global defense of human rights. People coming together to speak out against injustice has been the direct cause of some of the most significant political movements and legislative changes.

Protect the Protest

This course will provide useful advice and ideas to get you started if you want to learn more about planning and participating in protests. While everyone of us has the ability to alter our own behavior, as a group we are even more powerful in combating injustice and inequity. Why not start using your collective voice right now?

6. A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a VR Experience by VR Voom

Virtual reality is a fascinating new technology that gives users access to an entirely different viewpoint. However, how would you like to design your own virtual reality experience? This five-week course will teach you how to design, develop, and construct a VR experience with only rudimentary coding expertise, which may sound unachievable.

Thus, this course can be the best option for you if you’re searching for a challenging assignment. By mastering the fundamentals of HTML and JavaScript, you’ll be able to use the A-Frame web framework to build basic online virtual environments.

Prepare to dazzle your loved ones with your advanced abilities—you might end up becoming enmeshed in the VR software development industry! Are you hiring, Oculus?

7. The True Story of Jamaican Jerk: Cooking and Caribbean Culture by the University of the West Indies

Do you enjoy eating food from the Caribbean? You’ll travel to Jamaica for an unusual three-week course to learn about the origins of jerk cookery. Learn about the history of jerk seasoning, the reasons it is significant to Caribbean culture, and how ideas like sustainability and appropriation have influenced Jamaican cuisine.

But you’ll study more than simply the history and customs. You will be able to make your own jerk spice and prepare real jerk food by the end of this session. Prepare to sample some delectable cuisine and feel free to experiment as much as you like.

8. Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather by the University of Reading and the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS)

Ever wondered how the weather actually works? You’re in luck!

Dr Sylvia Knight, Head of Education for the Royal Meteorological Society and educator on this course, spoke to us about why you should give it a try. “It’s too hot, cold, wet or dry – we love to talk, and moan, about the weather, but what affects the weather we experience on a day-to-day basis and how does it impact almost every aspect of how we lead our lives? In ‘Come Rain or Shine’, we look at the physical processes that drive our weather and hope to leave you with a better understanding of the weather forecast.”

come rain and shine

Discover all the answers to your weather-related questions in this three-week course created by the University of Reading and the Royal Meteorological Society.

9. Introduction to Photography Basics by the British Academy of Photography

Unquestionably, photography has the potential to capture the essence of a moment in time and preserve it forever. So, it should come as no surprise that a large number of people are interested in photography. Nowadays, you can easily shoot a decent photo with a smartphone, but how can you improve your photography even further?

The British Academy of Photography’s beginner’s course will teach you all the fundamental techniques you need to start capturing quality pictures. After learning about the principles of photographic composition, you’ll organize your own project and begin to assemble a varied portfolio of your work. Prepare your cameras!

10. Biodiversity, Guardianship, and the Natural History of New Zealand: A Museum Perspective by Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

With an 85 million-year geological and environmental past, Aotearoa, New Zealand, is a region of captivating natural treasures. Even though the nation is too far away for many people to visit, you may still learn about its culture, history, and wildlife.

You can learn about Aotearoa, New Zealand, and acquire a grasp of Māori knowledge and mythology by exploring artefacts and displays. Over the upcoming years, you’ll learn about conservation initiatives and other steps that will support the preservation of the island’s biodiversity.

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