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The top virtual courses for changing careers


Though it may seem overwhelming to consider changing careers, particularly if it’s a mid-life career shift, it’s never too late to consider a career move. It’s important to think about top virtual courses whether you want to pursue a career move or a job change.

You’re in the perfect place if you want to learn new skills and get trained to work in a different sector. We’ll examine all the top courses to transform your job, from communication to decision-making.

Are you considering changing careers but are unsure about your next steps? Check out our helpful guide on how to land the job of your dreams in 2023.

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Quick tips for changing careers

When thinking about changing careers, you might not know where to begin. It takes talent to learn how to change occupations, and there are a number of personal factors to take into account.

Quick tips for changing careers

A professional move can revitalize you, whether you’re seeking for something entirely different or to achieve long-held goals. Taking on a new job at work has the potential to increase your happiness, and research indicates that happier workers produce more.

Even if you may be concerned about how to find work in the new normal, knowing your abilities and how to apply them in various contexts can be quite beneficial. Additionally, knowing the abilities that employers of the future will value is a terrific place to start.


How can an online course help me change my career?

What benefits may taking a course have for your work, then? There’s no better way to sample the kind of work you want to go into than maybe taking a job shadow. This can be challenging in other businesses as well because lockdowns alter the labor market.

Online courses can be quite helpful in this situation, and they are more crucial than ever. Bill Gates has also discussed the value of online education.

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Benefits of digital learning opportunities:

  • You can accommodate your present schedule with online classes. You can start your career transition right immediately if you’re thinking about changing careers while you’re still employed.
  • Both hard and soft skills are in high demand by employers and can be acquired through participation in online courses.
  • Upon finishing a course, you’ll have a very clear understanding of the range of job options available to you.
  • Along with picking up new abilities, you can learn how to improve and modify the ones you already have from prior jobs.
  • Online learning is seen as being extremely important during the interview process by nearly half of hiring managers. Completing an online course can help you stand out during interviews since it demonstrates your motivation, self-control, and curiosity.

Completing a course or two could be helpful if you believe you could be lacking certain vital abilities or that you need an advantage to reach your goals. Check out our list of the top courses for a career shift if you’re thinking of changing careers to something more futuristic or if you want to start pursuing your dream job at last. In addition to many other courses, you may find business and management courses here that will help you ace interviews.

The best courses for a career change 

Let’s get right in to the top courses you can enroll in right now, whether it’s to assist you change careers or to offer you ideas on prospects for professional development and upskilling.

General courses 

These general education classes will help you transition into a new career. Everything career-related is covered by them, including interview and application assistance as well as language and job-ready skill development.

Writing Applications

Applying for jobs is one of the most essential steps in changing careers. This University of Sheffield course will assist you in refining your online profile, cover letter, and CV by demonstrating how to appropriately highlight your flexible talents and relevant experience.

Writing Applications

How to Succeed in an Interview 1

You will be contacted for an interview if your job application is accepted. It’s often a scary idea, particularly if you’re switching careers, but our training on interview techniques can assist. Everything you need to ace the interview will be covered, including the various interview formats and how to be ready for them.

University and Your Future: Career Planning and Making the Most of Your Degree

Find out what your main competencies are, how to use them, and how attending college can expand your job opportunities. This University of Surrey course will enable you to feel in control of your degree and career options, making it ideal if you’re thinking of returning to school or doing additional coursework.

Career Skills for the 2020s: Navigating the Online World of Work

The events of 2020 have caused many jobs to adopt a more hybrid approach, making the idea of navigating the online workplace intimidating. This University of Coventry course will assist you in discovering your objectives, your purpose, and your abilities in the new normal. Additionally, you’ll learn how to define your goals and communicate more effectively.

English for the Workplace

Our English course from the British Council will assist you in developing language acceptable for the job. It is best suited for English learners but also helpful for those who might wish to brush up on their language abilities. You’ll discover how to identify your career goals, how to get ready for interviews, and how using the appropriate language may facilitate teamwork.

Digital Skills to Thrive in the Workplace

It might be challenging to stay current with many job opportunities and changes in a workplace that is changing quickly. With the University of Leeds’ ExpertTrack program, get ready for the future and discover how to effectively communicate, work with others, and succeed during a career transfer. Learn how to remain focused, build resilience, and create goals when working from a distance.

Building your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace

Knowing how the workplace of the future will operate will determine whether or not you succeed in changing careers. The Developing your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace course will teach you how to plan and get ready for the future of work as well as how to recognize the opportunities that these challenges will present.

Work Ready Skills: Job Searches, Writing a CV and Interviewing

You might believe that changing careers will need extensive retraining. Get the job of your dreams by learning how to highlight your employable skills with Central Queensland University. Everything is covered in this course, including how to apply for jobs and move into new roles.
.Soft skills 

Employers frequently search for shown soft talents during interviews. You can differentiate yourself from the throng by taking the soft skill courses on this list. Read our in-depth guide to learn more about soft skills and how to hone them.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work

One of the most important soft skills that companies look for is effective communication. With the help of this well-liked course from the University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding, you may enhance your professional communication abilities and discover how to handle productive collaboration in the contemporary workplace.

Leadership Training: Human Leadership

Bailey and French’s leadership training can assist you in being a real, inclusive leader and in teaching your team how to be motivated. Gain the skills necessary to become a leader who emphasizes enhancing people’s strengths by receiving training in positive psychology and relationship management.

Introduction to International Business Management

There are numerous reasons why the University of Kent’s ExpertTrack could be helpful. It’s the best option if you want to learn about business planning or hone your entrepreneurial abilities. Additionally, you can study business startup methods, leadership styles and approaches, and marketing segmentation and strategies.

Problem Solving in the Digital Age

The speed of the digital world is increasing, so use the University of Leeds’ ExpertTrack to learn how to solve issues and make better business decisions. Using data, planning, and design thinking, you’ll develop decision-making abilities that will help you address issues both at work and outside of it.

Ethical Management and Decision Making

Many organizations want employees who can make wise decisions in a professional setting. This crucial course from the University of Law will teach you how to manage people and projects in a morally and ethically responsible manner.

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

One essential soft skill that employers in all industries need is critical thinking. So, this BoxPlay course will assist you in making the transition from reactive to strategic decision-making.

Developing a Creative Mindset

Employers in all sectors value critical thinking as a crucial soft skill. Thus, this training offered by BoxPlay will assist you in making the transition from reactive to strategic thinking.

Emerging technologies 

Keeping up with all the new technology that are being introduced into the office can be challenging. You may stay ahead of the curve and propel your career in novel and interesting areas by enrolling in one of these courses on emerging technology.

Harnessing Emerging Disruptive Technologies

Will you be able to change with the times and keep up with the times? This future-focused course from The Mind Lab will examine the disruptive and emerging technologies that are accelerating the digital industry’s growth. Thanks to your increased understanding, you’ll be able to anticipate improvements that will benefit you across a range of industries.

AI Design and Engineering with Microsoft Azure

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is mostly being driven by artificial intelligence. AI ranked #4 among LinkedIn’s top 10 hard talents that businesses will want in 2020. You can begin your journey into AI and hone your Python AI programming abilities while earning a professional certification by enrolling in AI Designing and Engineering with Microsoft Azure.

AI Design and Engineering with Microsoft Azure

Data Science on Microsoft Azure using Python Programming

As a powerful language used in everything from data analysis to AI, Python has quickly become an essential tool for machine learning and data science. This ExpertTrack that looks at Data Science on Microsoft Azure using Python Programming will help you understand all of Microsoft Azure’s intricacies.

Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

You will learn about the digital tools that may simplify your life, career, and academic pursuits in this King’s College London course. You’ll find digital tools for exploring and communicating, as well as opportunities to express yourself creatively through digital technology, such as social media and email and messaging.

Building a Future with Robots

Even while this course sounds like something from a science fiction film, it is actually quite relevant today. Learn how to harness and comprehend the power of robots, which could ultimately change every part of our future, in this course offered by the University of Sheffield.


If you’ve already decided on the course you want to take professionally, you may be searching for more detailed guidance and information. Our industry-specific courses can help with that. These courses will serve as an excellent foundation for your new career, helping you at the outset.

Prepare for a Software Development Career

Software developers are in high demand, as you may have heard. This is an ideal introduction course for anyone interested in computer programming, web development, video game creation, or related fields. Remember that this course requires prior knowledge of Python and Java.

The Freelance Bible: How to Be a Freelancer in Any Industry

This course is intended for individuals who want to experiment with freelancing as a substitute for a more conventional career route. You’ll discover who you are, pick up new talents, and produce exceptional work with the help of professional pointers and counsel from Alison Grade’s best-selling book.

Introduction to Careers in Fashion Design

Do you want to fulfill your ambition of working in the fashion industry once and for all? You can begin developing an outstanding fashion portfolio and exploring your career alternatives with the aid of this Bloomsbury Academic course.

Start Your Career as a Healthcare Professional: Online Work Related Learning

Do you wish to fulfill your ambition of working in the fashion sector at last? With the aid of this Bloomsbury Academic course, you can begin developing an outstanding fashion portfolio and exploring your future prospects.

The Future of Human Resource Management 

It’s never been more crucial to assess the potential future of HR management because of the significant changes that massive technological advancements are also bringing about in the field of human resources. Learn everything there is to know about future-proof HR tactics for creating motivated teams by enrolling in this University of Twente course.

How to Open a Restaurant 

Have you always dreamed of having your own eatery someday? It’s time to act now that you’ve made the decision to change careers. You will receive professional instruction in all the areas required to become a top restaurateur, including marketing and menu design, in this course offered by the Swiss Education Group.

Final thoughts

Don’t panic if you’ve been thinking about changing careers but feel uneasy or trapped. You’ll soon discover that you already have a wide range of useful skills because the average individual changes careers five to seven times in their lifetime. During this professional shift, several of these abilities will aid in your role adaptation.

If you’re considering making a significant job transition, an online course is a terrific place to start, whether you’re learning everything from scratch or brushing up on your current skills.You might want to think about subscribing to our Unlimited learning membership if you want unlimited access to all of our career-focused courses as well as more.

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