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Ten reasons to learn about digital marketing

Ten reasons to learn about digital marketing

The list of reasons to become knowledgeable about digital marketing is growing as more companies shift their operations online and cutting-edge new technologies are created. Since most of our interactions and communications with brands now take place online, companies which don’t make use of digital marketing tools will unavoidably fall behind.

digital marketing

Nowadays, a successful firm must have a digital marketing plan in order to reach the 78% of internet users who look for product information online. This indicates that companies are investing more money than ever in their digital marketing campaigns and hiring knowledgeable digital marketers to help them advance their business.

For this reason, you should become knowledgeable in digital marketing so that you may close this skills gap, help increase brand awareness, and present new business prospects.

We’ll go over the reasons why a job in digital marketing might be right for you in this article. We’ll examine the key arguments for selecting digital marketing and look into the online courses that may be taken to advance your education.

What is digital marketing?

Nowadays, the best method for getting clients to know a company is through digital marketing. Nowadays, successful companies use it extensively to disseminate information about their goods and services to as many prospective clients as they can. Among the primary categories of digital marketing are:

digital marketing

Companies use a lot of digital marketing techniques to reach the vast majority of consumers who purchase online these days. The majority of consumers now browse the internet rather than going into physical stores, whether they are using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other type of digital device.

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By selecting digital marketing, you may contribute to the growth of a brand and increase the profitability of the company. With around 7,661 digital advertisements, digital marketing is quickly becoming a popular profession choice due to the abundance of prospects for digital marketers.

10 reasons why you should learn digital marketing

Thus, the data thus far indicates that digital marketing is growing, and this is an excellent moment to apply for jobs in the field. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 benefits of mastering digital marketing.

1. Relatively easy to get on the career ladder

Since there are many entry-level jobs accessible for people without much expertise in the industry, the barrier to entry for digital marketers isn’t too high. It goes without saying that having the appropriate credentials and experience will help, but you can still get your foot in the door without them.

Relatively easy to get on the career ladder

It will enhance your application if you have the necessary skills and a positive, creative mentality if you’re a recent graduate or changing careers. Basically, based on your education and experience, you shouldn’t be deterred from pursuing a career in digital marketing because you may start small and work your way up.

2. High demand for Digital Marketing

The need for digital marketers will surely increase in tandem with the continued expansion in digital marketing. The advertising and marketing subsector employed 225,000 people in 2021, and the number of digital advertising companies in the UK increased by 6.1% annually on average between 2018 and 2023.

High demand for digital marketing

For this reason, employees who desire a wide range of options and opportunities can consider a career in digital marketing. Companies are growing their digital marketing divisions as a result of realizing how important it is to promote brands online.

The need for digital marketers is expected to only increase in the future, so now is the perfect moment to start obtaining the required credentials and begin learning more about the field through expert-led courses.

3. Varied job roles

The multitude of job paths that are accessible to you is one of the key benefits of pursuing a career in digital marketing. There are a plethora of different job roles in this industry that let you specialize in social media, SEO, content, email, and much more. You can probably find a position in digital marketing that meets your demands and motivates you to succeed, regardless of your main interests and abilities.

With so many transferable skills and knowledge across the many different professional pathways available, it also makes role switching simple. With so many opportunities to diversify, working in the same industry for the rest of your life is not a concern when it comes to digital marketing.

4. Flexible working environment

Digital marketing organizations had started implementing flexible work arrangements prior to the Covid-19 epidemic. These days, it’s extremely rare for a digital marketing job to not provide flexible scheduling; the majority of employers allow you to work from home. While some jobs can be done entirely remotely, a mixed strategy is frequently preferred.

It’s a good professional choice for people who want to work independently as well. The job is becoming quite popular among digital nomads since it allows you to work virtually from anywhere in the globe because it is an online function.

5. Develop new skills

Because digital marketing involves so many different types of duties, you will definitely be exposed to a wide range of roles that broaden your skill repertoire. In a competitive job market, having a diverse variety of abilities is highly useful, therefore taking advantage of your possibilities will pay off well.

The digital abilities you gain from working in any of these industries—PPC, SEO, social media creation, website development, or content authoring—are highly transferable. If you ever decide to leave the field of digital marketing, you can be sure that the skills you have gained will be applicable in other businesses.

6. Competitive salaries for digital marketing

While money isn’t everything, one of the biggest draws for people interested in learning digital marketing is the competitive salary this field offers.Compared to other industries, digital marketing salaries are rather high, and there is significant income potential for those looking to advance in their careers.

In the UK, digital marketing positions typically pay £37,500, however as you advance in your career, this will surely increase dramatically. Salary expectations are predicted to rise in tandem with the growing demand for digital marketers and the increased spending on digital marketing by companies.

7. Allows you to be creative

If you think of yourself as creative, then studying digital marketing will be quite beneficial. Whether you want to specialize in graphic design, copywriting, videography, or any other area of the industry, being a digital marketer lets you combine your love of the arts with your career aspirations.

Your employment duties will probably fluctuate from week to week, which will provide you the opportunity to apply your creativity to a range of tasks and projects. You can unleash your creativity in the realm of digital marketing since audacious and inventive concepts are highly valued.

8. Rapid industry growth

Both the profession of digital marketing and the amount of money that companies invest in it are still expanding. In fact, the UK spent a total of £25.84 billion on digital marketing in 2022. The future is promising for digital marketers as this number is increasing annually and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

It’s difficult to see how the digital marketing sector won’t keep growing as long as online technology keeps advancing and our dependence on the internet doesn’t decrease.

9. Benefits team players and collaborators

Being a team player and having the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively are essential abilities for digital marketing. You’ll fit right in if you have all of these qualities and appreciate them. Developing strategies and working in teams to solve challenging issues are common in digital marketing professions.

Owing to the wide range and complexity of job tasks, you’ll also frequently be requested to assist out when needed and interact closely with other departments.

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Teams made up of digital marketers typically have close bonds and mutual support, and they frequently form great professional connections. It’s great fun to learn digital marketing, and luckily, this excitement extends to your day job.

10. Job security

The final reason why you should learn digital marketing and consider a career in the sector is arguably one of the most important. In a competitive job market and in an ever-changing world, job security is becoming increasingly sought after. As we have already mentioned, the digital marketing industry continues to grow, demand is high, and job roles are incredibly varied, which all bode well in terms of career longevity.  Recently with the Covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed a lot of sectors struggling to cope, but this wasn’t the case with digital marketing, as even more companies focused their marketing efforts online. If you want to embark on a career with ample opportunities, the ability to progress your career, and good job security prospects, then choosing.

Why you should learn digital marketing: additional courses

Hopefully, it’s now a little clearer why you should learn digital marketing and the benefits of doing so. In this article, we have included 10 of the best reasons why digital marketing is such an excellent career choice, but we could’ve easily extended that list. At FutureLearn, we offer a variety of digital marketing courses to help further your learning and ensure you have the knowledge and know-how to make your career as a digital marketer a success.  Below, you can find some courses that will help you learn all about digital marketing and get you one step closer to beginning a successful and long career in the profession.

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